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The first video I'm uploading during this lockdown is a song I love from the 80s. “Jirettai” is a song released by the band Anzenchitai in 1988. The title is an adjective that means vexing or irritating. The original song is a hard rock piece but since I only got a piano with me I figured why not arrange it differently. Let me know what you think!

ロックダウンカバーシリーズの第1曲目は、僕の大好きな80年代の曲を選んでみた。 1988年に安全地帯がリリースした「じれったい」という名曲です! 原曲はハードロック系なスタイルだけど、ピアノアレンジだとどうなるかなと思って弾き語りにしてみた。みなさんはどう思う?

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I sang a bit. I played a bit. I shot a bit. Thes results are not all out yet but my YouTube channel benefited from all this stay at home business. Check out my YouTube Playlist by clicking here. 少し歌っ


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