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The third video of the lockdown is the famous "True Blue" by LUNA SEA. Released in 1994, it is one of the most famous Visual Kei songs of the 90s. I went for a different arrangement cause the original version has probably been done a thousand times already. Enjoy!

ロックダウンカバーシリーズの第3曲目は、1994年にリリースされたLUNA SEAの「TRUE BLUE」という曲を選んでみた! THE・ビジュアル系なこの歌を、ソロでどう表現すればいいのか考えて、原曲とは完全に違うアレンジにしてみた。いつもとはちょっと違うけど、みんなどう思う? また来週!

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I sang a bit. I played a bit. I shot a bit. Thes results are not all out yet but my YouTube channel benefited from all this stay at home business. Check out my YouTube Playlist by clicking here. 少し歌っ


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