This time I'm doing something different. I took the style of one of my favourite bands, a bunch of super famous JPOP songs, and blended them together into a two minute and a half medley. Do you recognize any of the songs?

今週はいつもと違ってメドレーにしてみた! 日本の有名なアーティストのスタイルで、jpopの名曲を歌ってみた。 今回はLuna seaのスタイルです! みんな知ってる歌だと思うから是非見てみてください!

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2020 is finally drawing to a close! Even though the festivities are going to be a little different from the usual, I wanted to try to keep the Christmas spirit alive by singing some seasonal appropria

I sang a bit. I played a bit. I shot a bit. Thes results are not all out yet but my YouTube channel benefited from all this stay at home business. Check out my YouTube Playlist by clicking here. 少し歌っ